and then...privacy

On the risk of privacy invasion.

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Interview with Dylan Rollo

Some answers on language from Rhetorician Dylan Rollo

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"Sometimes it's easy to forget where a root is, how the trunk happens. I am having fun watching the universe make its own way for me."

-Aneesa Shami

You may remember my collaborative effort with Aneesa to make a birthday card for the new Threadless greeting card collection.

After some alterations and contracts and waiting, our card is now available at Target stores across the US! Be sure to stock up for your friends and family, as they're only available for a limited time.  

Thanks to all of you for voting for us, and thanks to all of you who support Novelism with your readership and feedback. There will come a time when Alan and I will depend on word of mouth even more than we do now; that is, with the eventual publication of Cope Syndrome. It's inspiring to know we have already touched the thoughts of so many. 

So keep thinking, keep writing and enjoy your new birthday card!


and then...specificity

Alpha skills, Beta skills, and specificity of Concept

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and then…curvature

What I learned from sculptor Christopher Kurtz

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