and then...omission

What I believe about originality.

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and then...10:04

Recounting a lecture from novelist and poet Ben Lerner

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and then...dust

My flash fiction piece about a Catholic boy with Pica Syndrome, Dust to Dust, is in issue 16 of Kawsmouth and can be viewed here:

They are also curating my three minute autobiographical film, Novelist, which can be seen here:

What cheer! I was so happy to hear the news. 

I'm preoccupied this weekend studying epiphanies and the photography of Nicolas Alan Cope. Also still plowing ahead through my romance novel, PAINT. Thanks to all of my readers; I know it's been awhile since I've posted a tutorial (though I have been working on one about dialogue). Keep checking back, and remember that I will be releasing the podcast sometime this fall!


Dear Jack White

Dear Jack White,

More men like you! More creative, brave, honest, innocent, God-fearing gentlemen like you. That's what I like best.

I am so grateful for everything you do. Have you read Winnie-the-Pooh? I think you would like it. I think you would like my stories, too. Thank you, thank you!

Peace and Love,

Miss Ayah


and then...privacy

On the risk of privacy invasion.

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