Where is Alan Cope?



Art by Mickey Willard mickeythewicked.deviantart.com

Alan Cope is not sure why he wants to be kidnapped.  

Maybe because it could appease his hateful mother, if she saw it on the news. Or it could have something to do with the long, lustful looks that girls give his brother Roger when they learn that he spent his boyhood in captivity. 

Roger Cope doesn't want his younger brother to be kidnapped. 

He knows it could happen. After all, it happened to him. It turned his young life into bouts of anxiety and catatonic depression, wherein the only relief is moments of ensuring Alan's safety. And, of course, the calculated attempts at winning the affection of his own psychotherapist. 

For better or for worse, Alan is kidnapped. The brothers clash but eventually bond over a supernatural extension of their shared experience; one that follows a narrative of eternal youth, antlered men and a flooded island. Their story transcends what anyone around them will believe and they find themselves in the public eye. Roger's life comes to depend on Alan acknowledging a particular trauma…regardless of whether that trauma is real or imagined. 

Alan would like to know a difference. But his attempts to know the truth as he moves into adulthood are breaking him. It's not long before everyone is asking the same question:

Where is Alan Cope? 


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